Social Media Screening

Screen applicants for relevant information from social media, without compromising sensitive results pertaining to protected class.

Why screen social media?

The search involves a combination of technology and human expert analytics to correctly identify a candidate's online presence on any publicly available website, including social media, blogs, micro-blogs, photo sharing, online commerce, news and media and much more. Once a candidate's profile is identified, the content is reviewed and flagged for any workplace safety issues - racism/intolerance, violence, potentially illegal activity, or sexually explicit material.

A report is then created with examples of red flagged material with the redaction of any federal or state protected class information. The report provides insight into a candidate's online behavior and appropriateness as a candidate who is a fit for a company's basic code of conduct, values, or social media policy and limits risk of a negligent hire. All information provided on the report are actionable towards a hiring decision and consent is required before this report can be performed.


Mitigate the risk of discrimination and negligent hiring lawsuits while giving your hiring team the most complete picture of incoming employees.


Safeguard your hard-earned public trust with a reputation management process that effectively identifies candidates who might stain your name.


Protect your current employees and workplace culture by confirming that your next hire does not display violent, predatory, or discriminatory behavior.

You will receive a curated report of categorized results in the following categories:

  • Racist, Sexist, or Discriminatory Behavior
  • Sexually Explicit Material
  • Threats or Acts of Violence
  • Potentially Illegal Activity