One of the key focus areas of a Biotechnology organization is safety, and biotech safety has some unique challenges, as the core product may involve working with hazardous materials and bloodborne pathogens. Biotech organizations have a responsibility to avoid workplace hazards, assure the health and safety of their workforce, and must have a risk prevention program in place that is tested regularly. An important component of any risk prevention initiative is a high-quality background screening program.

Why do so many Biotech organizations put their trust in CSI?

CSI’s approach to background screening is unique to the industry, we utilize our extensive experience in servicing highly regulated and safety/security sensitive organizations. Our trained screening specialists apply our investigative techniques, technology, and analytical skills to each component of a background check. Our results are not a check the box report, we deliver, a timely, comprehensive, easy to understand report that enables an organization to screen smart, while reducing the risks associated with hiring employees.

With CSI you can rely on:

  • Our ability to understand the complex regulations
  • Quality and Accuracy
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Screening packages specific to your various positions
  • Ongoing/Monitoring screening solutions
  • Vendor/Contractor screening solutions
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Integrated solutions

CSI’s Screening solutions are designed to address:

  • I9/E-Verify
  • Criminal
  • Statewide Sex Offender Registry
  • Education
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • DEA
  • Global Watch Lists
  • OFAC
  • Medical Exclusion/Sanctions (FACIS)
  • Abuse Registries
  • Social Media
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Occupational Screening
  • Contractors and Vendors
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • M&A due diligence

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