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The 2020 Mike Sankey PBSA Lifetime Achievement Award was Awarded to Judy Gootkind, CSI VP of Finance and Administration

In 2018, PBSA launched an award to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions made throughout his or her career which have served to advance excellence in the screening profession.

Anaheim, CA | The 2020 Mike Sankey PBSA Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Judy Gootkind, VP of Finance and Administration at Creative Services, Inc. (CSI). The award is the highest honor awarded by The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions made throughout their career which have served to advance excellence in the screening profession.

Judy has worked on many industry projects, committees, tasks, and concerns and has always contributed greatly to the process of resolution with great passion and wisdom. Alan Sklar, President of CSI stated, “her hard work, amazing energy, incredible leadership, skill, and infectious personality have made CSI what it is today, A Great Place to Work! Judy is an inspiration to those that are lucky enough to know her.”

Judy has been a member of the background screening industry since 1992 and in 2003, representing Creative Services, Inc. (CSI), was a founding member of NAPBS (now PBSA). Since that time, Judy has consistently and graciously stepped-up to take leadership and auxiliary roles in PBSA strategy, finance, outreach, advocacy, and internal operations. Those efforts continue today, and importantly, have delivered successful outcomes time and time again.

Judy’s leadership roles on official councils, boards and committees as a key contributor include but are not limited to:

  • Developing Association By-laws
  • BSCC Accreditation Standard, Versions 1 and 2, and the forthcoming global standard
  • Drafting and revising BSCC Policies and Procedures
  • Advocating on new frontiers such as privacy, including testifying in 2020 regarding a Privacy Bill introduced in Massachusetts

Additional roles include:

  • U.S. Council Chair 2020
  • Chair of Finance Committee, 2019-2020
  • Co-Chair Advocacy Committee, 2016-2018
  • Co-Chair Government Relations Committee, 2007-2009
  • Member Board of Directors, 2009-2015
  • Member Executive Committee, 2011-2015
  • Chair, Board of Directors, 2014
  • Liaison to the BSCC and GAC, 2015
  • Chair of BSCC, 2016-2017
  • Active committee member of Global Alliance Council, Best Practices committee, State GR Sub-Committee.

Criteria for the award

The award recipient must:

  • Have made outstanding and ongoing accomplishments to the screening profession and/or to PBSA over a lengthy period of time in their professional lives;
  • Have contributed significantly and consistently to the advancement or recognition of the profession;
  • Be recognized as an exceptional leader within the industry;
  • Have openly shared valuable experience with PBSA members and;
  • Have been a frequent contributor to the association with one or more of the following: board leadership, conference presentations, webinars, publications or other contributions geared to helping other members achieve business success.

Judy truly represents what it means to be a family at CSI, and her contributions to the betterment of her community are endless. Please join us in congratulating Judy on receiving this very prestigious award.