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Scheril Murray Powell, Esq. selected as High Times Top 100

Please join us in congratulating Scheril for being selected for the High Times 100—a celebration of the top market movers and culture creators in the cannabis space.

Scheril dedicates this award to the “BRAVE ONES”…The ones who risked it all to use cannabis because they did not like how narcotics made them feel…the ones who contributed to biodiversity by transporting genetics around the world…the ones who baked herb brownies for HIV/AIDS/Cancer patients…the ones who risked incarceration and personal freedoms to develop a market, law enforcement who turned a blind eye because they know what addiction really looks like, and the physicians that were the first to recommend cannabis for their patients.

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Additionally, Scheril was featured in a segment on NBC Now as part of a three-part story to discuss the topic of Social Equity and Inclusion.

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