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Launching Founding Membership of Policy-Cannabis Financial Industry Group

Coalition Represents Risk Management Services and Financial Institutions Serving Cannabis Related Businesses

Mansfield, Mass. – As a founding member, Creative Services, Inc. (CSI) is proud to announce the establishment of the Cannabis Financial Industry Group (CFIG), which coalesces financial institutions and leading risk mitigating services providers that serve cannabis related businesses.

As part of its formal launch, CFIG hosted a “Cannabis Compliance Crash Course” briefing on Capitol Hill earlier this week to help bridge the knowledge gap as to the current compliance requirements and mechanisms in place for businesses servicing or directly operating within the state-sanctioned cannabis industry as discussions regarding SAFE Banking have already begun in the 118th Congress.

Creative Services, Inc. provides background screening solutions that reduce client risk at all stages of the employment, and licensing cycle.

CSI is a leader when it comes to navigating the complexity of compliance in the highly regulated cannabis industry.

CSI’s comprehensive background screening program is designed to mitigate risk, by vetting out individuals and entities that may be adverse to the industry through comprehensive background screening on behalf of government agencies, establishments, and other stakeholders.

This work will be furthered through its leadership with CFIG. In addition to Creative Services, Inc. serving as a founding member of CFIG, CSI Vice President of Finance and Administration, Judy Gootkind serves as the organization’s Treasurer.

CSI is at the forefront of informing and educating the industry and clients, helping direct legislation and establish effective background screening processes.

Alan Sklar President of CSI

“As a background screening and security consulting firm with decades of experience of working with cannabis related businesses, CSI is well positioned to support CFIG’s ongoing work educating policymakers on how we are and will continue to mitigate risks in the industry to ensure transparency throughout the entire cannabis ecosystem,” said Alan Sklar, President of CSI.

“CSI has always been at the forefront of regulated industries, and CFIG provides another opportunity to be directly engaged as a voice representing our clients and the industries we serve."

"After a year of laying the ground work and bringing together top risk mitigation services providers and financial institutions serving cannabis related businesses to be at the forefront on Capitol Hill as federal cannabis reform continues to be debated, we are excited to mark the formal launch of CFIG with the hosting of a congressional briefing that focused on the existing compliance mechanisms in place to mitigate risks and enhance transparency throughout the state-regulated cannabis industry."

"Together, we will continue to work to move SAFE Banking and other needed federal reforms forward so that cannabis related businesses have the same access to financial services and resources as all other domestic industries.”

“2022 marked the year of most significant cannabis reform momentum – from the President’s directive to review the Schedule I status of marijuana to the first standalone cannabis measure signed into law to bipartisan negotiations in the Senate regarding a SAFE Banking Plus package that was on the precipice of passing."

Saphira Galoob Executive Director of the Cannabis Financial Industry Group

"Against this backdrop, we brought together the leading industry voices representing financial institutions and risk-mitigating service providers serving the cannabis industry to provide much-needed expertise and thought leadership from those on the ground as cannabis reforms continue to move forward on the state and federal levels,” said Saphira Galoob, Executive Director of the Cannabis Financial Industry Group.

“After months of work behind the scenes, and thanks to the leadership of CSI as a founding member, we are thrilled to formally announce the Cannabis Financial Industry Group and to have hosted a timely and constructive congressional briefing to kick off our work in the 118th Congress.”

In addition to Creative Services, Inc., current CFIG members include:

Cannabis Financial Industry Group

For more information on CFIG, please visit www.CFIG.org or contact CFIG’s Director of Policy & Communications.