Why do companies screen?

More and more companies rely on employment screening to reduce their risk associated with hiring new employees. Most importantly, background checks can weed out potentially unsafe applicants with demonstrated patterns of dangerous behavior.

Protect Your People

  • Statistics from a study of 15 states show an estimated 67.5% of people released from prison are rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years. Of this 67.5%, 46.9% of are reconvicted and 25.4% are resentenced to prison for a new crime.
  • Even non-violent offenders pose a risk. Within 3 years of their release from prison, about 7 in 10 non-violent releasees were rearrested for a new crime; nearly half were reconvicted, and more than a quarter were returned to prison. Among nonviolent releasees, about 1 in 5 were rearrested for a violent crime within 3 years of discharge.

Protect Your Profits

Hiring an employee without first conducting a background check or after conducting a deficient background check sets up a potentially dangerous liability under negligent hiring. Negligent hiring is when an employer can be held liable for the acts of their employees when they knew or should have known that the employee was unfit for a particular position.

  • Employers lose 79% of negligent hiring lawsuits and the average jury award in employment-related lawsuits exceeds $1.6 million.

Protect Your Reputation

Bad news travels fast. Protect your reputation from media scrutiny with a smart screening program that withstands the court of public opinion. Not all background checks offer the same level of protection. Be sure that your screening program incorporates industry best practices and consistent search methodologies that will defend against strong inquiry.

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Statistics Source is Bureau of Justice Statistics