Boston College POM

Boston College’s Protection of Minors program is designed to provide a safe environment for minors when on the Boston College campus, or while participating in University-sponsored activities. This Policy is intended to apply to University-sponsored activities involving minors, and programs for minors sponsored by non-University organizations that operate in University facilities. In order to participate in these programs you are required to follow the instructions below and provide all required information.

Select the appropriate option below based upon whether you have ever participated in a Youth Program at Boston College before or based upon how many years it has been since your last criminal background investigation (a new criminal background investigation is required every three years by Boston College Human Resources).

Option A- First Time Users

If this is your first time seeking authorization to participate in Youth Programs at Boston College, or it as been three years since a criminal background investigation has been performed on you, please follow these steps:

1. Download the Massachusetts iCORI Authorization Form

To complete the iCORI form you will require verification of your identity, the subject verification section of the form must be completed by one of the following two options:

  • Option 1 - Take the form to your Program Administrator (you will need to scan a completed copy into your computer so it will be available for upload during the online application process). They will need to view a government issued photo ID in person and complete the subject verification section.
  • Option 2 - Have the form notarized (you will need to scan a completed copy into your computer so it will be available for upload during the online application process). This will be accomplished by physically visiting a Notary Public (notaries can found at a local bank, post office, local tax office, or UPS store).
  • Please note, the completed form will need to be uploaded during the online application process.

You will be required to provide a government issued photo ID for all options above.

2. Click here to complete the VIRTUS Online Training

3. Choose which Youth Program you are applying to work with below to complete the online application portion of the background investigation process, three self-disclosure questions, and questions related to the VIRTUS Online Training video (if your program is not listed select Protection of Minors HR)

Please note that this step must be completed in one sitting and cannot be saved as a draft.

If you have any questions during this process do not hesitate to contact your program adminstration or Creative Services, Inc. who are administering this process on Boston College's behalf. We can be reached at (800)227-0002 or