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FCRA Process

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Administration Program

Pursuant to the FCRA, Section 604(3), End-Users (Clients) have obligations to consumers (applicants/employees) when the End-User anticipates taking adverse action based in whole or in part on information contained within the consumer report. Complying with adverse action requirements is the End-User’s sole responsibility. End-Users are advised to refrain from questioning a consumer about information contained in his or her consumer report until after the consumer has been provided with the appropriate documents, as outlined below, and given adequate time to review.

Pre-Adverse Process

  1. Send the following documents in person, by fax, secure email, or regular mail to consumer:
  1. Allow consumer (applicant/employee) time to review the information and dispute any information within report. The best practice is to wait a minimum of 5 business days before sending the final adverse action notice.
  2. If a consumer disputes information contained within the report and/or otherwise notifies CSI that he or she disputes any portion of the report, and CSI determines that the dispute is not frivolous, CSI will conduct a reinvestigation.
  • CSI’s Compliance Department will documents findings, revise the consumer report if necessary and will fax, email or mail the revised consumer report to the consumer with a copy of FCRA Summary of Rights and letter explaining consumer’s rights.
  • CSI will copy End-User with reinvestigation correspondence.

Adverse Process

  1. If final adverse action is to be taken the End-User is to provide the following documents to the consumer in person, by fax, secure email or regular mail:
  1. Document all steps taken to comply with regulations.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR iCORI USERS: If initiating the pre-adverse and/or adverse action based off the results in whole or in part on the iCORI, the End-User must explicitly identify the information within the iCORI report which is the basis for the action. In addition to the documents outlined above please ensure the following documents are provided to the applicant:

**Please note CSI does not make hiring decisions on our client’s behalf, therefore CSI cannot advise consumers of such decisions. **
**Failure to comply with these guidelines is in violation of the End-User’s contract with CSI as well as in violation of federal law.**


Did you know that CSI can manage this process for you?
End-Users can designate CSI to handle the administration of the pre-adverse and adverse letters on your behalf. Upon the End Users request, we will send the pre-adverse letter, adverse letter in addition to handling any re-investigations. Our Compliance Department manages this program to ensure full compliance with various federal and state laws. To take advantage of this service, please contact Client Services, or 508-339-5451. 

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